Food Showdown Kits

Food Showdown Supply Box (two boxes available per district)

Pdf document download: Food Showdown Kits (page 3)

Teams can use the district box for the Roundup Food Showdown or may choose to bring their own equipment from home. Any extra equipment not on the list below, will be confiscated and the team may be disqualified.

Each team will bring an equipment box containing only the following items:

Measuring cup, liquid (1)

Measuring cups, dry (1 set)

Measuring spoons (1 set)

Mixing bowls (2)

Non-Stick cooking spray (1)

Note cards (4x6)

Pancake turner (1)

Pencil (1)

Plastic tub for dirty dishes (1)

Paper towels (1 roll)

Rolling pin (1)

Rubber spatula (1)

Sanitizing wipes

Sauce pan w/lid (1)

Serving bowl, medium (1)

Serving platter (1)

Serving utensil (1)

Skillet (1)

Stirring spoon (1)

Stock pot (1)

Storage bags or containers

Tongs (1)

Vegetable peeler (1)

Whisk (1)

Aprons (3)

Baking sheet (1)

Calculator (1)

Can opener (1)

Colander, medium (1)

Cutting boards/mats (2)

Bowl, small (1)

Disposable tasting spoons

Extension cord (1)

Food thermometer 1

Fork 1

Garlic press (1)

Grater (1)

Hand sanitizer (1)

Heat Source (can use one of the following)

Two single-burner hot plates

One double-burner hot plate

One 12Ħħ electric skillet

Hot pads (2)

Kitchen shears (1)

Kitchen timer (1)

Kitchen towels & Wash cloths (2 of each)

Knives (3)

**If using the district 4-H Food Showdown supply box it is important to check box for all necessary supplies prior to the day of the event.