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Minors on Campus Forms – Must be used as of January 1, 2014


On March 1, 2013, the OSU A&M Board of Regents approved Policy 1-0135, Minors Participating in OSU-Related Activities and Programs.

To participate in Working with Minors Training – http://minors.okstate.edu  Guests/volunteers may take the training by logging in as “camp_counselor” and by using the password “Counselor1234”. Beware: you may be asked to enter these credentials twice,

However local training by OCES staff is a preferred method of providing volunteer training.  The online training is most compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer.  The SharePoint software does not work well with I-Pad, Safari and Internet Explorer 7.

The purpose of the policy is to address the university community’s obligations in protecting youth who participate in activities and programs on university property, in university facilities, or under the authority and direction of the university at other locations, including branch campuses.

4-H has developed a series of NEW forms to use with youth that by January 1 should replace the current RAM forms used for 4-H activities. MOST of the forms can be used for a 12-month period. They are set up for the calendar year which is also the national and Oklahoma 4-H year; however, a county modify them for a 12-month period that is consistent with a school year if they wish. Whichever period is used make sure it is consistent within the county. In other words don’t have some events on a calendar and some on a school year! Forms can also be modified for a shorter term use as well such as a summer day camp period, term of office, etc. Forms 1, 2 and 4 replace the current RAM form and others are supplemental and should be used as needed.