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Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom

September, 2016

September Featured Teacher: Zena Lewis, Owasso

Oklahoma Crop Calendar

September Calendar

We are mailing out print copies of our calendar this year by request only. If you would like a print copy for your classroom, please order one here. If you would prefer online access, click on the link below.

Full 2016-17 Calendar

Ag in Art: The Sick Chicken, by Winslow Homer

September is National Chicken Month

In 2014, chickens and eggs were the third most valuable agricultural commodity in Oklahoma.


September is Food Safety Education Month

Online AITC Food Safety Lessons


September is Organic Harvest Month

  • In 2008 Oklahoma had 88 certified organic farms.
  • Explore the different meanings of the word "organic" in this lesson.
  • Examine the differences between organic and conventionally-produced foods and learn to identify fact, opinion and various propoganda techniques with this lesson: Organic or Conventional?


September 13 is the birthday of children's author and illustrator Robert McCloskey.

One day McCloskey noticed some ducks crossing the road and holding up traffic. He decided they would be a good subject for a picture book. He wanted to observe them more closely in order to draw them, so he picked up four ducks and took them home to his studio apartment in Boston. He said, "The ducks had plenty to say—especially in the morning. I spent the next weeks on my hands and knees, armed with a box of Keenex and a sketchbook, following the ducks around the studio and observing them in the bathtub." All that observation and drawing became Make Way for Ducklings (1941), which won a Caldecott. (from Garrison Keillor's "Writer's Almanac," September 15, 2009. Scroll down.)


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Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom

Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom is a program of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and the Oklahoma State Department of Education.