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Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom

September, 2013

New Smartboard Resource: Daily Ag Facts for September

It's time for the State Fair!

Our nation's first fairs were all about agriculture. They were organized to introduce farmers to new animal breeds and other agricultural innovations. Read more about the history of fairs...

September 10 is Protect Your Groundwater Day

95 percent of all available freshwater comes from aquifers underground. More about groundwater, with activities and resources...

September 13 is the birthday of children's author and illustrator Robert McCloskey.

One day McCloskey noticed some ducks crossing the road and holding up traffic. He decided they would be a good subject for a picture book. He wanted to observe them more closely in order to draw them, so he picked up four ducks and took them home to his studio apartment in Boston. He said, "The ducks had plenty to say—especially in the morning. I spent the next weeks on my hands and knees, armed with a box of Keenex and a sketchbook, following the ducks around the studio and observing them in the bathtub." All that observation and drawing became Make Way for Ducklings (1941), which won a Caldecott. (from Garrison Keillor's "Writer's Almanac," September 15, 2009. Scroll down.)

It's not too late to plant some fall vegetables

Consider planting some fall vegetables your students may never have tried. If you have an outdoor classroom, or just a little space outdoors, you can still plant. Read more, with activities and resources...

Shine on, Harvest Moon

Throughout the year the Moon rises, on average, about 50 minutes later each day. But near the autumnal equinox, the day-to-day difference in the local time of moonrise is only 30 minutes. Read more, with activity...

September is National Chicken Month

In 2011, poultry and eggs were the third most valuable agricultural commodity in our state. Read more, with activities and resources...

Labor Day is September 2

Labor Day is a celebration of the American worker and the contribution workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country. The holiday was first proposed as a day to celebrate trade and labor organizations. Learn more about farm labor and the Farmer's Union movement in Oklahoma...

September is Whole Grains Month and Time to plant winter wheat

Wheat, by Thomas Hart Benton (1967)

Whole grain wheat grown in our state can be found in whoel wheat bread. Oklahoma farmers start planting winter wheat this month. Read more, with activities and resources...

September is All-American Breakfast Month

Many traditional breakfast foods are grown right here in Oklahoma—wheat and corn for cereal, milk from dairy cows, peaches, strawberies or melon to top it off, eggs from Oklahoma's poultry industry and pork or beef sausage on the side. Read more, with activities and other resources...


September is National Mushroom Month

Picture a mature tomato plant, buried so that not a single leaf appears above ground. Overnight a rain falls, and in the morning the soil begins to crack. Suddenly tiny tomatoes pop through. If you watch closely, you can just about see them expand. Within a few days, they're round, ripe and ready for picking. If you can imagine that, then you've got an idea of how mushrooms grow. Read more, with activities and resources...

Look for OAITC at these events during September:

7 - SeptemberFest, Governor's Mansion

17 - State Fair Academy, OKC

16-20 - State Fair Academy, OKC

Autumn begins September 22.

A busy month in Oklahoma fields: Wheat and oat planting begins.

Sorghum, soybeans and peanut harvest begins.

Corn and alfalfa hay harvest continues.

Oklahoma Crop Calendar


September is Food Safety Education Month

Online AITC Food Safety Lessons


September is Organic Harvest Month

Between 2002 and 2007 the number of organic farms in Oklahoma grew from six to 131.

Explore the different meanings of the word "organic" in this lesson.

Examine the differences between organic and conventionally-produced foods and learn to identify fact, opinion and various propoganda techniques with this lesson: Organic or Conventional?


Oklahoma Vegetable of the Month: Tomatoes


Oklahoma Fruit of the Month: Peaches


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Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom

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